1K - 2K Ching Hydroversal Water Based Primers


HV 186 WB 1K Acrylic ZP Anticorrosive Primer

Quick drying, with excellent anticorrosive properties for shot blasted steel and galvanized steel.      available in various colours

HV 33 1K Acrylic MIO Intermediate Flood Coating with with excellent anticorrosive properties for primed steel

HV 30 1K Acrylic MIO  Quick drying Intermedate primer or topcoat for primed steel , zinc and as a direct adehsion topcoat for galvanize and aluminium

HV 08 1K Acrylic one layer anticorrosive primer/finish

Fast drying available in RAL, BS. Munsell and special colours.

HV 186 TR 1K Acrylic One Layer Dip Coating 

Quick drying with anticorrosive properties used in a one layer coating system. HV 08 TR has additional anticorrosive properties

HV 08 T R/K 1K Acrylic One Layer Dip Coating 

Quick drying anticorrosive  protection from a one layer primer/finish coating system

VP-HRD 24 1K Internal Radiator and Pipe Coating

Quick drying water based primer for steel surfaces and internal coating for radiators and pipe work

Z 08 One Layer Stoving 

One layer stoving coating with direct adhesion on shot blasted steel and galvanized steel

WS 181K 1K Weldable Holding Primer

Universal touch up spraying primer for industrial applications. Contains zinc phosphate andticorrosive pigments

Roof Coating

Water based 1K providing anticorrosive protection for metal roofs, metal facades and mineral hard roofs

HEM 182 EP ZP White K-DB 

2K Water based primer based on epoxy resins for shot blasted, galvanised steel, aluminium, aluminium pressure cast iron as well as synthetic materials, ABS, PS. HEM 182 is also approved by transformer manufacturers around the world for use on the internal surfaces of the transformer tanks, oil test have been carried out on this product.

HEM 33 EP MIO Intermediate

2k Water based intermediate primer containing MIO pigments, based on epoxy resins for primed steel

HEM 152 Zinc Dust Primer

2K quick drying epoxy resin containing zinc dust pigments (containing 94% zinc) with excellent adhesion for steel contructions for heavy anticorrosive protection

VPH-SDDD 182 PUR Primer

2K Water based quick drying primer based on polyurethane resinsfor shot blasted steel, galvanize steel and aluminium

By using a combination of the above primers you can achieve an anticorrosive standard from ISO C3 to CX.


If you can not see the product you require please contact AIC Ltd to discuss your requirements further, as we have some bespoke products which may be applicable to your application. Please use the contact page to get in touch.