Water Based Coatings/Paint

Aqua Industrial Coatings are one of only a few companies that specialise in the marketing of water based coatings. We identified some time ago that the EPA legislation would ultimately result in the use of water based coatings. Aqua Industrial Coatings have worked over the past few years with manufacturers to build a product portfolio which provides the end user with coatings/paint which will meet the current EPA legislation today and into the future and also reduce the health and safety risks associated with solvent based coatings.

The main advantages of using water based coatings as compared to solvent borne coatings:

  • Harder wearing, superior chip and scratch resistance
  • More durable against colour fade due to UV resistance
  • Faster drying
  • Excellent adhesion to main substrates
  • Much better opacity even at low films
  • Much higher coverage rates
  • More competitive per sq metre
  • Environmentally friendly, meets in full all present and future environmental legislation
  • Non hazardous, non toxic and no harmful solvents or pigments
  • Virtually odourless
  • Easier to apply by spray, roller, brush
  • Much less over spray with airless application
  • Can be sprayed outside with little overspray
  • No harmful solvents omitted to the atmosphere
  • Easy to clean with water
  • No need to buy solvents for cleaning or thinning paint
  • No dirty washing solvent/gun wash to be removed as hazardous waste. Good cost saving
  • No need for expensive extraction systems

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BS EN ISO 12944 clasification C5-L

C3 - C4 - C5I - C5H

BS EN ISO 12944-2 1998 C3

ISO 20340 Offshore and CX


We have 1 coat, 2 coat and 3 coat systems which comprise of 1K and 2K Anticorrosive primers, intermediate MIO primers, Zinc Rich primers and 1K & 2K water based topcoats.