The Areosol Company is a division of Aqua Industrial Coatings Ltd.


The Aerosol Company match and fill industrial paint/coatings into aerosols to customers requirements. The aerosols are 400 ml in size. The colours available are British Standard 381c - 4800, RAL, NCS, plus many other standards The Aerosol Company also match colours to samples provided by our customers. We also have a range of Lawn Mower and agricultural Colours available.


The products available are numerous therefore if you contact The Aerosol Company we can discuss your requirements as to type of product, level of anticorrosive protection, gloss or semi matt, we will also recommend a product if you tell us what the application is and what you are going to use them for.


We will fill aerosols from 1 - upwards to how many you require. Please see our pricing structure below for any colour:


1 Aerosol  £11.85

12 - 48      £9.96 Each

60 - 96      £8.98 Each

108 - 192  £8.10 Each

204 - 492  £7.57 Each

504 - 996  £6.64 Each

1008 +      £5.17 Each

All prices plus VAT, free carriage on orders over £25.00. Payment on a proforma invoice prior to the aerosols being filled.

Please use the contact form to contact the Aerosol Company to discuss your requirements without obligation. Please contact us via the contact page or via email: