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Aqua Industrial Coating offers a number of services which allows companies to obtain a product that meets the specification required.

The consultancy side of our business provides the correct choice of the coating and the application method, the process is oulined below.


1. Site Visit


The intitial visit is to discuss the requirements of the end user and to carryout a detailed assesment of the paint facility which allows AIC Ltd to determine which product is the most suitable for the application required

 2. Recommendations


Aqua Industrial Coatings will make its recommendations in a report which will be discussed by both parties, after this part of the process a trial will be carried out and training of the paint facilities staff will take place to make all concerned familiar with the product and application techniques.

3. On Going Support


This is a service which is provided to maintain continuity with our customers in technical updates and by providing this support allows the development of your business in using the correct products that will provide efficency and cost effective coatings which will maximise through put and profitability within your company.