Below you will find a full product list of the solvent borne product range. The product range covers multiple markets including the industrial, commercial vehicle, machine tools, industrial fixings, plastics, steel structure protection and industrial buildings just to mention a few.


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Product CodeProduct Name Description 
GAS03   ACRYMIX 2K HQ High quality acrylic enamel 2K
GAS01   ACRYMIX 2K ONE COAT Direct adhesion acrylic topcoat 2K
GAS02 ACRYMIX 2K ONE COAT MATT Gloss 20 (± 5) 2K direc adhesion matt acrylic enamel
GAF02 ACRYFILLER 2K  HS  2K acrylic primer with  high filling capacity
GPS12 PURMIX 2K HS 2K high solid polyurethane topcoat
GPS02 PURMIX 2K HQ High quality polyurethane enamel 2K 
GPS05 PURMIX 2K  2K polyurethane topcoat
GPS06 PURMIX 2K IND Industrial 2K polyurethane enamel
GPS03 PURMIX 2K MATT Matt gloss 30 (± 5) 2K polyurethane enamel
GPS07 PURMIX 2K G Embossed 2K polyurethane enamel 
GPS04 PURMIX 2K MICA  Iron oxyde 2K polyurethane enamel
GES07 EPOMIX 2K 2K epoxy topcoat
GES19 EPOMIX 2K IND Industrial 2K epoxy enamel  
GES09 EPOMIX 2K MATT Matt gloss 25 (± 5) 2K epoxy enamel
GES11 EPOMIX 2K G Embossed 2K epoxy enamel 
GEA15 EPOMIX PR 2K IND 2K industrial epoxy primer
GEA02 EPOMIX PR 2K  B/B  2K epoxy primer for "wet on wet" coating systems
GES06  EPOVIMIX 2K IND  Industrial 2K epoxyvinyl enamel 
GSS01  SINTOMIX HQ  High quality fast drying enamel
GSS04 SINTOMIX FAST Very fast drying enamel
GSS16  SINTOMIX ONE COAT FZ Fast drying semi gloss  70 (± 5) % gloss antirust enamel
GSS06 SINTOMIX IND Fast drying industrial enamel
GSS03 SINTOMIX MATT Matt gloss 10 (± 5) fast drying enamel
GSS07 SINTOMIX BRUSH Synthetic enamel suitable for brush application 
GSS02 SINTOMIX MICA  Fast  drying iron oxyde enamel
GSA02 SINTOMIX PR FZ  Fast drying primer with zinc phosphates
GSA03 SINTOMIX PR IND Fast drying industrial primer
GNS01 NITROMIX  Glossy nitrosynthetic enamel 
GNS02 NITROMIX MATT Matt gloss 15 (± 5) 2K nitrosynthetic enamel
GVA03 VINILMIX GLOSSY Glossy vinyl priming/finishing coat
GVA01 VINILMIX S/M Semi-mat  30% (± 5) gloss  vinyl priming/finishing coat
GVA02 VINILMIX MICA Iron oxyde vinyl finishing coat
GCS01  RUBBERMIX  Pure chlorinated rubber based enamel 
BASE COAT       
Q0100 Binder DS Base Coat Neutral for double layer matt base coats