Industrial Protective Coatings Ltd are a paint supplier - distributor to the manufacturing sector, providing a wide range of paint types for application to steel, aluminium, plastics, glass, galvanize, wood to name but a few.


IPC Ltd is based in Stone, Staffordshire, their team has 43 years of experience in the paint industry and they stock a wide range of paints and coatings.

IPC Ltd are the only paint distributor who offer a full and wide range of water based paints and coatings.  These coatings reduce VOC levels by either using a hybrid system of solvent and water based paints or a full system of water based paints.

IPC Ltd distribute their products throughout the UK and support their customers by providing an technical advice service on paint systems which will meet their needs to whatever level of anticorrosive protection from DIN ISO EN C3 to CX for offshore applications, and decorative appearance required to differentiate their products in the market place.