2K-EP/PUR High Solid Coatings System For Transformers 


2K-EP/PUR High Solid coating materials - Rapid


ESD 182 white K-DB      2K-EP-HS zinc phosphate - tank internal and external surfaces

ESD 152 grey reddish    2K-EP-HS zinc dust primer for high anticorrosive protection

ESD 1023 grey               2K-EP-HS zinc flake primer

ESD 156 grey                 2K-EP-HS zinc dust primer

ESD 30 grey TR             2K-EP-HS mica intermediate primer

ASD 43/45/47                 2K-PUR-HS topcoat


The new ESD / ASD products are quick-drying, high performance coating materials for atmospheric corrosion protection on steel and galvanized steel up to C5-VH according to DIN EN ISO 12944-5 and CX DIN EN ISO 12944-6 with excellent UV and Weather resistance.


This innovative product range group is characterized by a very low proportion of volatile organic solvents (VOC content: 10-20%), which means that the increased requirements in terms of sustainability, human health and environmental protection can be met.


Coating system for offshore CX according to DIN EN ISO 12944-9


Surface Coating System:            Primer:                ESD 152 grey reddish, 80-100 µm

                                                    Intermediate:      ESD 182 white K-DB   100-120 µm

                                                    Topcoat:              ASD 43 / 47 TAL 7033  80 µm


                                                    Total film thisckness (DFT):     280 µm

The advantages of this coating system


The coating system is suitable for both areas of application (onshore and offshore).


ESD 182 white K-DB is used as a Transformer tank interior coating for all common transformer oils (such as mineral oil, silicone oil, synthetic oil, and natural ester oils) suitable (test certificate from Siemens Nuremberg is available - PB - ML 197 - 16).


ESD 182 white K-DB has excellent corrosion protection (combined active / passive corrosion protection) and can therefore also be used as a tank interior and exterior coating in transformer construction.


ESD 152 Grey red is a very high quality 2K EP zinc dust primer coating (2ZN (R)), which in its composition corresponds to the specification of NORSOK M-501.


Due to the "turbo-fast" drying of this new type of 2K-EP / PUR - High Solid system all three layers can be applied within a day, which leads to a considerable reduction in process time!!


Various test certificates for atmospheric corrosion protection are available for the ESD / ASD coatings system according to DIN EN ISO 12944 for the corrosivity categories C3, C4, C5 to CX.


If you would like some additional information on the Ching Coatings High Solids coatings system please get in touch using the contact form.