Ching Coatings who are based in Erlangen, Germany manufacturers 1K and 2K waterbased and solvent based products, these productscan be applied as a single coat anticorrosive coating, 2coat systems with a anticorrosive primer and topcoat and 3 coat coat systems with a anticorrosive primer, intermediate MIO primer and topcoat depending on the level of anticorrosive protection required.

These products may be applied by brush, roller, airless, air assisted spraying equipment, conventional spraying methods, dipping and flooding.

A colour matching service is available, if you have you own corporate colour this will be matched by our colour department here in the UK or by Ching Coatings.

Lechler Coatings are based in Como, Northern Italy. Lechler manufacture a wide range of paints, from water based to solvent based, these are made from a multi binder system called Lechsys which contains 61 product types and has British Standard, RAL NCS and many more colour standards, the total colours available is 10,000. The products produced from the Lechsys system can be applied to steel, plastics, galvanize, aluminium, glass, Cardon fibre and many more substrates.